• Fruits Never Disappoint Anyone

    Fruits Never Disappoint Anyone

    New flavors, more customers. Craft Beer World has been always visionary. We like to compare it with that time back in the 80's, when computer geeks here in United States started to create all that new programming world that later on would make a technology revolution all around the world and that we're experiencing today. Fruit purees have been part of the vision of all Master Brewers...
  • Adding Natural Fruit Pureés When Brewing

    Adding Natural Fruit Pureés When Brewing

    We are always asked about how much fruit pureé should be used when brewing.   The answer is anywhere from 1/2 lb to 2 lbs of puree per gallon. It also depends if you are going to add it during the fermentation process. In that case you add more counting on the sugars to ferment out. We are absolutely proud to be part of the 100th brew of Line...
  • Why Blackberry is Just Great For A Fruity Beer

    Why Blackberry is Just Great For A Fruity Beer

    The quality of blackberries is crucial when you are trying to get the perfect fresh flavor in a fruity beer. Andean Blackberries are special because the fruit itself tend to be tart instead of sweet, which is great for brewing when you want to obtain a flavor balanced beer.  Blackberry natural fruit puree keeps all the aromas and flavors from Los Andes Mountains in South...

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