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Aseptic means that our fruit purées are pasteurized and packed under sterile conditions, in a bacteria free environment. Our bags also are sanitized before packing.
We gather fruits from the farmers. We clean, peel and blend them to make the fruit puree. We pasteurize and pack it in aseptic bags under sterile conditions.
Anywhere from 0.5 Lb to 2.5 Lb of purée per gallon of beer. It also depends if you are going to add it during the fermentation process. In that case, you add more counting on the sugars to ferment out.
0.5 Lb per gallon of Hard Seltzer. You can add more if you want to imprint more fruit flavor.
We recommend blending one part of purée and three parts of water to make juice. we also recommend adding any sweetener for the fruit flavors to come up.
3-6 lbs of puree will make anywhere from 3-5 gallons depending on strength and body along with the other ingredients needed . Of course, this varies from fruit to fruit but this is a good point to start with.
The recommended proportion is from 3 Lb to 5 Lb per gallon depending on strength and body along with the other ingredients needed. Of course, this varies from fruit to fruit but this is a good point to start with.
It contains Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that is used to avoid oxidation of the puree. Oxidation is a reaction that takes place when purees are exposed to oxygen. This will change the color mostly turning it black if we do not put any Vitamin C on it. Although the aseptic bag protects the fruit puree, Vitamin C assures that this event won't take place. It does not contain any colorants or artificial preservatives.

We have two types of bag spouts: one with a blue or green cap and the other with a yellow cap.

In both cases, open the box, take out the aseptic bag, open the bag (see the following image) and then just pour it into the tank.

How to open the Blue or Green Spout?

The bag with the Blue or Green lid has a spout but it is only for filling purposes. The best solution for opening this type without having to cut the bag is using a heat gun. Please take care not to melt the whole spout. Once the cap loosens, remove it by a slick pull of pliers.

Yes, the bags with yellow caps are resealable. Before putting the cap on again, please make sure to remove all oxygen inside the bag. Once it's closed it must be refrigerated in the same bag for up to a week or freeze it for up to 4 months. Make sure to remove all oxygen before closing it. If the bag was cut because it has de Blue/Green Spout just tie it well avoiding contact with oxygen.
Once the bag is open, you can re-close it with the yellow cap or tie it well in case it has the Blue/Green Spout and you had to cut it. Make sure to remove all oxygen inside. Once this is done you can refrigerate it for up to one week or freeze it for up to 4 months.
Shelf life is 18 months at max 75°F without opening. No need to be frozen. After opened one week refrigerated in the same bag, or 4 months frozen.
Orders of 4 cases or less are shipped by a ground service. Orders above 4 cases are shipped as LTL in a wrapped pallet. We have a wide range of freight carriers options that you can choose from. Please choose the carrier option with Liftgate in case you don't have a forklift or warehouse dock.
You can purchase from one case as minimum order.

Shipment processing time

All orders received today will be shipped on the second business day.
If an order is received on Friday or during weekend days, it will be shipped on Wednesday.


Monday until 5:00PM Wednesday
Tuesday until 5:00PM Thursday
Wednesday until 5:00PM Friday
Thursday until 5:00PM Monday
Friday until 5:00PM Tuesday
Saturday Wednesday
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We are able to supply 440 Lb. drums. Usually we carry some of the fruits and are available for purchasing online. On special requests lead time ranges between 20 days and 35 days. We are able to forecast with you in order to have available drums permanently. Let us know! If you are interested in forecasting or special orders please send as an email to and one of our sales rep will contact you.
You can use it to prepare sour beers featuring other fruits, RTD cocktails, moscow mules, and other food preparations.
20-30 ml per gallon is a good place to start. remember that ginger is a strong flavor that needs to be dialed in for each beverage.
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