The Taste of Sour, yet Sweet!


Can you imagine a fruit that is juicy, sour, and with a strong flavor? Well, we think Blackberry Purée is for YOU! With its dark purple-red color and rich dusky taste, this delicious berry is considered to be the queen of berries and that is why she is popular, everyone wants to try it! Get your hands on our star fruit of the month blackberry purée! 

This blackberry purée is treasured for their unique, juicy flavor and it captures all the renowned characteristics of a distinctive berry and we think that it’ll be the ideal fruit purée for your beers. 

So, our suggestion for this month is that you give this delicious blackberry fruit a chance to make your rich dusky creation. AFP has the best purée on the market and wants to make sure that you surprise your customers in these upcoming seasons. 

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