• Favorite Fruits for Each Season

    Favorite Fruits for Each Season

    Traditionally there are certain fruits that would be used in beer depending on the season. This would have come from the harvest season for each fruit. For most of history this would have been the only time that each specific fruit would have been available. Now, with global trade available and products such as Aseptic Fruit Puree, many fruits can be used year round....
  • AFP Fruit Vs Purée Vs Extract

    AFP Fruit Vs Purée Vs Extract

    Fruit beers are a staple in our industry. Whether it’s a heavily fruited smoothie style sour beer or a nice drinkable witbier with a hint of orange. When building a recipe for a fruited beer, one thing to think about is the form in which the fruit comes in. The three most common forms of fruit to add in the brewing industry are whole fresh...
  • Mixing it up: Hops & AFP Fruits

    Mixing it up: Hops & AFP Fruits

    Fruit in beer is all the rage these days. It has become increasingly popular in beers like pale ales and IPAs especially. Brewers and drinkers alike want to incorporate fruit into these hoppy flavor profiles. Using hops and fruits in certain combinations will result in very complex, layered flavor profiles. Knowing and identifying flavor and aroma profiles in different hops and fruits can give...

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