Update On Our Caps/Shipping


In response to many of your suggestions and comments about our caps and to better serve you we listened. We have been in a transition with our caps from the blue caps to the yellow caps. As many of you know, the blue caps are nearly impossible to remove, and we have been instructing customers to cut the bag. This has been necessary and not ideal. It was our hope that this would be a seamless transition. However, the world had others plans. Due to the current supply chain issues that continue to be deteriorating rapidly the transition has been much slower than anticipated. The yellow caps that we are switching to are much easier to remove and replace.  They are especially easy when using one of our AFP openers that can be found here. We ask that you continue to be patient throughout this transition.

The current situation involving the supply chains and carriers have slowly been improving but due to global events this has been one step forward, two steps back. There is so much uncertainly in the supply chains and in the world in general. We know that having what you need on time is the lifeblood of your business. We cannot expedite every order, although we wish we could. What happens with carriers and the supply chain is out of our control. With that said, we ask that you build more time into your timelines to accommodate for this. While we are always there to assist you in finding delayed/lost items and keep carriers accountable we also ask for your help. This is not ideal for everyone, and we know that things come up unexpectedly and we all just must do our best to accommodate that. Hopefully you are happy with the level of service we provide and likely this does not apply to every order. We just want to give everyone a heads up that we are working hard to get you these crucial ingredients to keep your business running.

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