Thinking about your next creation, but you don't have the budget now?


With Credit Key, you don't have to worry. Buy the fruit purées you want; the first 30 days are interest-free with no early repayment fees.

The application process is simple and doesn't affect your personal credit. Go to this page and complete the form.

There are no setup charges or ongoing fees. If you choose to go beyond 30 days, you can be approved as low as 1% per month.

Your repayments will be made through your bank account. Upon your application's approval, you will be given instructions to set up your bank on your dashboard. An automatic bill payment will be issued and scheduled to transfer the funds on a predetermined date to pay a recurring bill. Automatic bill payments are periodic payments until the balance is paid off.

If this doesn't adjust to your needs, we have other options you can apply here, and a member of AFP will contact you.

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