• AFP Fruit Vs Purée Vs Extract

    AFP Fruit Vs Purée Vs Extract

    Fruit beers are a staple in our industry. Whether it’s a heavily fruited smoothie style sour beer or a nice drinkable witbier with a hint of orange. When building a recipe for a fruited beer, one thing to think about is the form in which the fruit comes in. The three most common forms of fruit to add in the brewing industry are whole fresh...
  • Your Guide to Making a Fruit Wine

    Your Guide to Making a Fruit Wine

    There are several different approaches to making a fruit wine, along with different variables to consider before you start. Do you want a wine that has a sweet or dry finish? How much alcohol do you want in your wine? These factors must be taken into consideration before anything else. The amount of aseptic fruit puree and sugar used will determine the result. If...

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