• Mixing it up: Hops & AFP Fruits

    Mixing it up: Hops & AFP Fruits

    Fruit in beer is all the rage these days. It has become increasingly popular in beers like pale ales and IPAs especially. Brewers and drinkers alike want to incorporate fruit into these hoppy flavor profiles. Using hops and fruits in certain combinations will result in very complex, layered flavor profiles. Knowing and identifying flavor and aroma profiles in different hops and fruits can give...
  • Distillation and Brewing

    Distillation and Brewing

    What Makes Them Similar? Breweries and distilleries go hand in hand. They are often found in the same parts of town, usually industrial parks. Brewers and distillers are cut from the same cloth. Almost every distiller is a brewer first. In some cases, a distiller has a brewer on staff to produce wort and ferment it into alcohol that will be distilled. There is...
  • The Art of Blending

    The Art of Blending

    Blending is exactly what is sounds like - but it is not as simple as arbitrarily mixing things together. It must be to achieve some characteristic or end goal. It is utilized within the alcohol industry for a number of reasons which vary from beverage to beverage, but we will touch on a few that are pungent. Blending can be used to adapt to...

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