We recently had the opportunity to participate with a collaboration brew between Bottleshare and Second Self Brewing Company in Atlanta, GA. For those who are not familiar with the work they do, hopefully this post will shed some light. Bottleshare was established in 2020 by Christopher Glenn. It began the same way as many non-profit organizations, with a tragedy. Christopher was hit by a...
  • What is the Best Way to Add Fruit Puree?

    What is the Best Way to Add Fruit Puree?

    We have explored at length aseptic fruit puree. Also, many different ways it can be used across many industries. One thing that we have not talked about is the equipment and processes that are used in the production of various fermented beverages. We will focus on beer however this information can be applied in other areas. Let’s Talk Process and Equipment Adding Boxes There...
  • Guide to Making a Milkshake IPA

    Guide to Making a Milkshake IPA

    There will always be styles that take the brewing industry by surprise and make you wonder if they are a trend or not. The Milkshake IPA is one of those styles. This style technically is a subcategory of the New England or Hazy IPA style. Milkshake IPAs are similar to New England or Hazy IPAs because they both share the same water chemistry along...

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