Passion Fruit:The fruit that makes the difference in the beer industry


We all love mango. And pineapple. And blood orange. All of that juicy, citrus fruit that’s become downright ubiquitous in beers these days is just so, well, juicy. And it all goes so well with the IPA’s hop bitterness and malt backbone. It works. But there’s a new fruit on the block, showing up in beers ranging from Gose to IPA. It’s passion fruit, which is subtler than the over-reaching mango. More exotic than the blood orange. And brewers loved it during 2019! Trust us when we say that a good passion fruit beer will be trending this 2020.

Many craft and industrials breweries have given prominence to this tropical fruit in their creations. Which has a surprising, slightly acidic and very aromatic taste what to finish the 2019 year, has represented great sales to the industry in general. 

But leaving aside the numbers and back to what interests us, the passion fruit taste, you can start enjoying it during those hot summer days, where the sun is stronger and when you have a dry mouth we assure you that with the taste of this exotic South American fruit that passion fruit is your best ally in those times of drought.

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