In the realm of beverage production, whether you're overseeing a brewery dedicated to crafting the finest ales or managing a beverage manufacturing company specializing in a diverse array of drinks, a central challenge you'll inevitably confront pertains to expanding production capacity while upholding the superior quality and uniformity of your beverages. This challenge assumes even greater significance when dealing with pivotal ingredients such as fruit purée, wherein the preservation of flavor and texture integrity holds utmost importance. To address this growing need for scalability without compromising on quality, numerous brewers and beverage manufacturers have increasingly turned to the practical utilization of fruit purée drums. These drums, containing meticulously prepared fruit purées, present a versatile and efficient solution for elevating your production procedures and delivering outstanding beverages to your valued customers.

AFP Aseptic Fruit Purées has recently joined forces with Flux Pumps to introduce a high-efficiency progressing cavity pump, catering to the escalating demand for drums of fruit purées among our customers. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the way you handle fruit purées in your production process. Read on to discover how this collaboration can benefit your beverage facility's efficiency and productivity while meeting the surge in drum demand.

But, what are the advantages of Progressing Cavity pumps ?

High Flow Rate and Efficiency:

Progressing Cavity pumps are designed to move large volumes of fluid efficiently. When dealing with fruit purées, which can be viscous and thick, the ability to transfer a significant quantity of purée quickly is crucial for maintaining a smooth production process. The high flow rates of progressing cavity pumps ensure that you can efficiently extract and transfer the fruit purées from drums, reducing processing time.

Gentle Handling of Product:

When handling delicate fruit purées, it's essential to minimize shear forces and maintain the integrity of the product. Progressing Cavity pumps excel in this regard. Their gentle pumping action prevents excessive agitation or damage to the purées, preserving the flavor, texture, and quality of the fruit purée.

Suction Capabilities:

These pumps are designed to handle both low and high viscosity fluids effectively. When transferring fruit purées from drums, you often need a pump that can create a strong enough suction to draw the purée from the container. Progressing Cavity pumps can easily handle this task, ensuring that you can extract the maximum amount of purée from the drums.

Reduced Clogging and Blockages:

Fruit purées can contain solids or particulates that may lead to clogs and blockages in traditional pumps. Progressing Cavity pumps are designed to gently handle solids typically found in purées without clogging due to their rotor/stator design. This minimizes downtime and maintenance, contributing to a more efficient production process.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance:

Hygiene is of paramount importance in food processing and brewing. Progressing Cavity pumps are designed with easy cleaning in mind. Their simple construction has only four rotating parts which allows for quick no-tool required disassembly and cleaning, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.  Progressing Cavity pumps also require no suction hoses or suction wands to clean or store.

Versatile Design:

Progressing Cavity pumps are versatile and can be adapted for various drum sizes and configurations. Whether you're dealing with small drums or large containers, these pumps can be customized to meet your specific needs.


The compact design of progressing cavity pumps makes them suitable for installations with limited space, allowing you to optimize your production area efficiently.

In case you want to know more about Flux Progressing Cavity pumps, please click the link below so any of the Flux Associates may contact you for detailed information.


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