Get to know Lulo, The New Favorite Flavor For Fruity Beers

Fruity Lulo Beer

Again SweetWater Brewing going beyond boundaries with tasty and exotic Lulo.

But, wait a minute: What the heck is Lulo?

Well, Lulo is this fruit from Los Andes Mountains in South America, where the ancient lands connects with the skies receiving all the magic from the stars and printing this tasty, tart and magical flavor to Lulos.

But this universal wisdom inside Lulo is only complete with the best fermentation process giving birth to a magnetic beer with citrusy and tropical tints.

Some people say that it can be comparable with Passion Fruit in its tartness but the whole body of flavor of the fruit on its puree form varies, becoming more sweet.

Fruity beers are always a new world of flavor experiences , where the boundaries are almost invisible.


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