Beer Styles

  1. Catharina Sour:

A light and refreshing wheat beer, with a clean lactic acidity that is balanced by adding fresh fruit. Its low bitterness, light-body, soft alcohol content, and slightly high carbonation make the fruit taste and aroma the focus of the beer. 

  1. New Zealand Pilsner:

A pale, dry, golden, cleanly fermented beer that shows the characteristic tropical hops, citrus, fruity, and herbaceous of New Zealand. The medium body, the soft mouth sensation, the palate, and the expeditious finish, with a neutral malt or bread base, provide the support for this very drinkable, refreshing, and hop-oriented beer.

  1. Specialty IPA: New England IPA:

It is an American IPA with intense fruity flavors and aromas, a soft body, and a fluid, often opaque, mouth sensation with substantial misty. Less perceived bitterness than in traditional IPAs, but strongly aimed at hops. This emphasis on late hops, especially Dry - Hopping, with hops of qualities to tropical fruits, give that specific "juicy" character by which this style is known.

  1. British Strong Ale: Burton Ale:

A rich, maltase, sweet, and bitter dark ale of moderately strong alcohol. Full and chewy body, with a balanced finish of hops and complex aromas of malt and hops. Fruity notes accentuate the richness of malt, while hops help balance the sweetest finish.

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